Want a Great Carpet Cleaner? Just Ask

If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaner, you’ll want to take your time and do it right. Look at it this way: Your carpet represents a big investment. The right cleaning service can help you enjoy that investment, every day, for years. The wrong cleaning service can ruin that investment, cutting short the life of your expensive carpeting and requiring you to replace it years too early.

The best way to select a quality carpet cleaning company (aside from personal recommendations), is to take the time to ask a few questions. Start with the ones included below. Get the right answers, and you’ll be well on your way to finding a carpet cleaning service you’ll trust for years.

Be wary of the lowest-priced option

The most successful carpet cleaners are rarely the least expensive. Cleaning services that succeed do so on the strength of jobs well done; the quality of their work generates positive word of mouth, stellar reviews, and repeat business. Successful cleaning services also tend to retain the best employees – paying them a premium in order to ensure that work is performed by skilled technicians who take pride in their work. Companies that can’t rely on quality results to generate business have to use other means – such as offering deep discounts to potential new customers; if you see a price that’s below the competition’s, be wary.

Ask if the cleaning company is insured

One way that successful carpet cleaners maintain a quality team is by offering quality insurance coverage. While you don’t need to know the details of this coverage, it’s entirely appropriate to ask your cleaner if a.) they are fully insured and b.) if they provide offer workman’s compensation. This insurance not only covers the employees, but protects you from liability should an injury occur on your property; a lack of insurance suggests that the company has no problem cutting corners to make a few extra dollars. That’s a red flag, for certain.

Ask if work is guaranteed

A carpet cleaning should always come with a satisfaction guarantee. Generally speaking, the cleaning service will pledge to return and re-treat any areas of the carpet where a spot was left behind; this spot will be treated until you are satisfied with the results. Companies that perform quality work will rarely be asked to return – a small price to pay for giving their customers extra confidence; only companies worried about having to return too many times will fail to offer a guarantee. These are the cleaning companies you’ll want to avoid.

Ask if the company uses green cleaning methods

As you should know by now: There’s quite a difference between the best carpet cleaners and all of the rest. So it shouldn’t surprise you that their cleaning methods can also vary a great deal. One key difference that separates the best cleaners from the also-rans is the use of green cleaning solutions. Meridian Chem-Dry, for example, uses only non-toxic, child-safe, and eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions. Competitors that employ less expensive detergents or solvents may be able to remove stains, but they may also leave you with a carpet that you would rather not touch.

Ask for a quote in advance

Reputable carpet cleaning companies have experienced, confident technicians who will get the job done in a minimum amount of time, with a minimum amount of surprises. As a result, these technicians have no problem providing written quotes prior to beginning work. Companies that don’t offer quotes in advance are a.) less experienced, b.) less efficient, and/or c.) less transparent in their pricing. None of these options should inspire your confidence. Stick with companies that aren’t afraid to offer pricing in advance.

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About the author : David Johnson