Top 4 Things You Should Know Before You Submit to a Web Portal

Want to get more out of your website submission? if you are new or simply looking for more information on how to submit to web portals and directories, we’re here to help you through it.

Check out these top four things you should know before you submit to a web portal.

Submit Your Site the Right Away

When you plan to submit your site, the easiest way to start out is through one-way links. Once you have begun trading links actively, you will have to provide a stable foundation for backlinks. We also recommend that you build a strong PR presence beforehand to establish reciprocal links.

Choose for Paid Portals Than Free

When you have to choose overpaid portals and free links, opt for volume over quality. Start out with getting free links as much as possible, as long as they are within your topic category. Then you will work your way towards paid directories. It is important to consider the cost-point of such directories and portals as their costs will vary according to the budget you are willing to handle.

Provide Quality Descriptions

While it is best to provide brief descriptions, you must provide a short summary that makes your site unique and stands out from the rest of the crown. Summarize your description by getting straight to the point. The main idea is to generate backlinks that won’t look like your site is filled with spam.

Website Must Be Ready to Publish

Before you attempt to submit your website, you must have the appropriate plan and quality content that is needed to publish your site for viewing. All pages must be ready to view with live links and appropriate content. Even if you only have one page, it must be running smoothly with working functions.

Have you prepared your link submission? How well did it work for you? Comment below and let us know!

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