5 Ways Home Improvement Businesses Can Benefit from Social Media and SEO 500

Let’s face it – the industry of home improvement businesses have a ton of competition that is often hard to compete with. While a little competition actually improves your business, it will hurt when you notice the lack of clients you lose to your competition.

If this has recently happened to your home improvement business, perhaps it is time to consider adding social media and SEO strategies into your marketing campaign.

Here are five ways home improvement businesses can benefit from social media and SEO.

Gain A Focused Marketing Approach

With digital marketing, your home improvement business will gain the ability to choose their audience rather than paying more to spread to a larger crowd. Social media will allow you to hand-pick your target audience according to your business needs.

Businesses can use a variety of criteria that includes the following

  • demographic data such as income, property ownership, and more
  • behaviors of recent purchases within the home improvement industry
  • specific interests in home improvement, updates, construction, etc.
  • those searching for specific phrases and works to find a home improvement business.

Having a social media and SEO plan will provide you with the best opportunity to measure your advertising results.

Effective SEO

A website with an effective SEO will increase the visibility of your business through key search results and attract visitors who are looking for your site. This will build a quality website by focusing on search terms that matter most.

Social Media Advertisement

Social media advertisement will offer a cost-effective option that will attract the sophisticated target audience. With its advanced method of targeting capabilities, social media ads will reach potential customers and target homebuyers who are more likely to make purchases in home improvement.

Paid Search Advertisement

With the right SEO strategy, you can boost your organic online presence. Paid search advertisements offer an effective way to reach more potential customers and advertise through sponsored listings. You will only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad, which helps build quality traffic. Basically, you will have the opportunity to choose the specific keywords you plan to target and focus on the search terms that reveal when your customer is ready to buy.


Most customers search a product, business or service online prior to making a major purchase. That may help lead your website to a final decision. Through retargeting, you will be able to follow such customers through attractive advertisements that will encourage them to visit and return to your website. This will help you prevent the loss of prospects which are in the early stage of research in home improvement planning. Through retargeting, you will become a fresh option and allow them to visit you instead of your competitor.


With a strong business reputation, this is vital in the home improvement industry. Having poor reviews will lead to a major downfall for businesses and the gain of potential customers. If your customers are leaving bad reviews of your business, it is important to monitor their comments and respond to their issues in a timely manner.


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About the author : David Johnson