Why Oil Changes Can’t Wait

We get it: No one loves to change a car’s oil. If you do it yourself, you know it’s a dirty job. If you rely on a pro, a trip to the car repair shop is an extra errand that takes time and money. As a result, some of us wait too long between oil changes. But regular oil changes are an essential part of keeping your car running smoothly – a basic, relatively inexpensive task that can help you avoid bigger, costlier repairs in the future. Once you understand the importance of oil changes, you’ll feel better about getting them done on schedule.

First, let’s consider the role oil plays in your car – specifically your car’s engine. Inside your engine, metal parts like pistons and valves interact with and move past each other thousands of times each minute; this interaction should happen smoothly, efficiently, and with a minimum of friction. The lubrication that clean oil provides is what allows metal parts to smoothly slide past each other.

When these metal parts aren’t able to slide, when clean oil isn’t there to provide needed lubrication, bad things can happen. Bare metal on metal contact scrapes and scratches. Parts wear down. Friction builds up. Engine performance is compromised, along with mileage. Points of contact can overheat until individual components – and even the entire engine – are damaged beyond repair.

A lack of oil in your car can cost you your engine. If you ever find yourself in the position of having to price out a new engine, you can expect to pay somewhere between 10% and 20% of the cost of your vehicle – when it was new.


Keeping costly car repairs at bay aren’t the only benefit of regular oil changes: Improved performance is another. When parts slide past each other with ease, the engine doesn’t have to work as hard. As a result, you may notice a smoother feel and better acceleration. You’ll also enjoy improved mileage. The money you save at the pump could easily be enough to pay for your oil changes – and then some.


If it’s been too long since your last oil change, schedule a visit at your local car repair shop. Your technician will be happy to change your oil and filter. You’ll be assured that your car will receive the right kind of oil. And you’ll be able to schedule your next oil change in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

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About the author : David Johnson