Finding the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Clean For Your Health

Your carpets and upholstered furniture may look clean, but only because you cannot see what is hidden inside. While bacteria and allergens are invisible, they can endanger your health. Carpet and upholstery are home to dust mites, mold, pollen, and germs. These substances are harmful to your eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

It is impossible to remove all these substances with your vacuum. For a thorough cleaning job, you need a professional cleaner. After your home has been cleaned, it will be a safe, healthy environment for you and your family.

Perhaps you have used carpet cleaning products in the past. While they do not perform as well as professional cleaning, there is another issue to consider. Products you buy online or from local stores are usually made with toxic chemicals. The residue remains on surfaces and in the air after you have finished cleaning. You should not want your family members and pets to come in contact with toxic chemicals.

Eco-friendly cleaning is the healthiest way to clean. Even if there are small children, elderly persons, or someone with health conditions in your household, green cleaning is perfectly safe. The air and every surface will be free from chemicals. For all of these reasons and more, L & K Chem-Dry is your solution for healthy and safe carpet cleaning.

Clean Carpets, Happy Family
Save Money

You may be wondering how hiring a professional cleaning company can help you save money. There are a number of reasons it is the economical choice.

When you hire a professional cleaner, thorough cleaning will leave the carpet in excellent condition. While products you can purchase can cause carpets to fade and may even weaken the fibers, it will look fresh and new after it is cleaning. Carpeting will last much longer, and not need to be replaced.

If you clean the carpet yourself, accidents may occur. A cleaning solution that is too strong can ruin the color, or a machine can tear out the fibers. You can avoid accidents by not cleaning it yourself, and hiring a professional to do the job.

Less Work For You

Spring cleaning is a time-consuming task. There are many different chores you need to do. As there is more to cleaning a carpet than using a vacuum, professional cleaning will reduce your work load.

You do not have to move furniture, or clean up afterward. You can focus on other tasks, or relax with your family.

A Beautiful Home

carpet cleaning family

Think of all the reasons for spring cleaning. Health and freshness are important, but you also want every room to look its best. If a carpet is dirty, it ruins the appearance of the entire room.

Everyone in the family walks on the carpet every day. It is worse when moisture, rock salt, and mud are tracked in from outdoors. The carpet appears dull and old. If you have pets, they may have had accidents on the floor. You may be thinking of replacing carpets because you have not been able to remove the stains.

With L & K Chem-Dry, you will no longer have stained carpets. Every inch of carpeting will be stain-free and clean. Your carpets will also be free from odor. Even the odor from pet urine will be gone. If someone has spilled sticky beverages or foods on the carpet, upholstered couch or chairs, or carpeted stairway, these areas will be clean and fresh, too.

Every room throughout your house will be beautiful again. Without stains, odor, and residue from outdoors, you will be proud to invite guests to your house. You will enjoy entertaining, and living there with your family.

Cleaning Is Easy

Most people thoroughly clean their homes twice each year. In some cases, though, it should be done more often. If you have pets, young children, a person with a health condition, or simply a high-traffic home, spring and fall cleaning may not be enough. When you contact a professional, you can choose a cleaning schedule that will meet your specific needs.

Twice a year, once a month, or the schedule you prefer, professional carpet cleaning is cleaning made easy. Instead of trying to clean carpets yourself, you can take the simple approach that produces the best results.

All you really need for thorough carpet cleaning is L & K Chem-Dry. If you continue vacuuming throughout the house on a regular basis, carpeting will always look nice. However, whenever it is time for deep cleaning, do not hesitate to call in a professional. When you notice the freshness, and how lovely your entire home looks after the carpets have been cleaned, you will be delighted with the results.

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