Choosing The Best HVAC Contractor

Deciding on the proper HVAC company to take care of your home’s required projects is not an easy decision, because with each contractor, comes different levels of experience, knowledge, and customer service. For reasons unknown, many times, HVAC contractors particularly have a bad reputation, and unfortunately, it can be well deserved. This is why it’s vital that you do your proper research before deciding on a company to ensure that the work is not only completed timely and correctly, but also so you won’t have any costs that may arise in the future due to the work not being completed properly. Here are some of our top tips for choosing the proper HVAC contractor for your next home project to ensure that you aren’t left stranded with potentially costly repairs.

  1. Contractors who are willing to give estimates over the phone, without seeing the actual project scene and personally coming in to look over the area. No HVAC systems are exactly the same, and there are countless factors that come in to play when going through the HVAC process, including numerous outside factors. If a contractor is willing to give you an estimate instantly over the phone, they more than likely don’t have significant experience in the industry, or just want to take your money. A true, experienced HVAC contractor will come out to your property, look at your crawl space, your attic, walk through your home, and check out all aspects before making an estimate or decision on what should be done.
  2. It’s important that you decide upon an HVAC contractor who is not only experienced, but actually licensed as well, with the Contractors State License Board. It’s vital that you check whether the company is licensed or not, so you can be sure there would be insurance in case a job is not completed properly or any issues arise with the work in the future.
  3. Be sure to use the internet to do your research on the company before you decide to go with the lowest bidder on the job. In many times, avoiding review sites with bad reputations such as Yelp will help you out in the long run as well.

Deciding on a quality HVAC contractor to take care of your home project can be the difference between a project that goes without a hitch, to a project that ends up costing you thousands more in the long run. There are numerous accounts online of HVAC projects gone-wrong, whether it’s a crawl space issue, an attic ventilation project, or something even worse, sometimes leading to the family having to leave their house.

If you are looking for a quality HVAC contractor, take the work of a qualified company such as Opie’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. They are a high-quality business that has been in the HVAC field for decades, and bring that experience and knowledge with them to their projects.

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