Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning on Indoor Air Quality

Improve Your Respiratory Health With Better Air Quality

The majority of people spend up to 90 percent of their time in indoor spaces. From being at home and at work to traveling in a vehicle, many are exposed to poor air quality. This has the capacity to affect health owing to the significant amount of contaminants found in the homes, particularly in and on carpets.

Indoor air quality is compromised by dirt and dust infiltration. Moisture can also play a role in fouling the indoors. Medical practitioners say dust is a chief culprit when it comes to human infection. Dust mites and germs are known to attach themselves to dust particles. Research has shown that the average home collects up to 40 pounds of dust annually.

Dust mites feed off organic detritus, especially dead skin cells. Humans shed skin cells and they drift into the air and land on carpets and other surfaces. This provides dust mites a delicious meal, and as a result they thrive. When the level of infestation is too high, the mites cause significant irritation.

Indoor Air Pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) views the problem of indoor air pollution as a major environmental issue faced by millions today.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner provides a sure-fire way to improve overall appearance and longevity of the fabrics. More importantly, the cleaning rids the carpet of pet hairs, dust and other contaminants that affect air quality. The EPA is also concerned about toxic gases, which can attach themselves to trapped pollutants.

This means when pollutants are not removed from the carpet, occupants will eventually face the threat of allergies and breathing problems. Young children and immunosuppressed individuals face higher levels of risk.

An added benefit of professional carpet cleaning is the removal of odor. Pet owners are often faced with the problem of pet odors. Fortunately, a professional carpet cleaner can thoroughly sanitize the carpet leaving it smelling fresh and looking immaculate.

Preventing the growth of mold and mildew requires proper cleaning. Hiring a cleaner allows homeowners and commercial property owners to take advantage of industrial-grade carpet drying tools that eliminate moisture. This allows carpets to dry relatively faster. Eliminating moisture also helps improve air quality and prevent the sick building syndrome.

How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Work?

Professional carpet cleaners use a wide variety of methods and equipment to remove dirt, odor, mold and contaminants from the carpet. These methods and equipment include wet shampooing, dry cleaning, buffer machines, dry foam and more.

Wet shampooing is one of the methods used by carpet cleaners. It involves the use of a buffer machine, which applies the shampoo to the carpet. However, this method requires careful handling to avoid damaging the carpet fabrics with the rotary discs. The solution takes several hours to dry.

Dry cleaning is also a practical way to clean carpets properly. There are various methods employed to dry clean. Some of the ways use wet cleaning but dry very quickly while others are completely dry. Drying cleaning techniques involve the use of a bonnet, dry foam or absorbent powder.

Cleaners can opt to use a bonnet attached to a buffer machine. The bonnet is covered in cleaning solution that contains carbonate w

ater. The attachment absorbs the dirt and is replaced once it is saturated.

The use of dry foam, on the other hand, follows the same process as wet shampooing. However, this method does not involve any wet solution but rather a dry foam. This eliminates the need to wait for the carpet to dry.

When using the absorbent powder approach, a professional carpet cleaner applies a solvent and lets it set on the carpet. After a short while, the professional will proceed to work the solvent into the carpet using a buffer machine.

Deep Carpet Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction

Dry and wet carpet cleaning methods lack the capacity to deep clean. They can only handle quick cleaning of the top part. For a thorough clean, professionals recommend deep cleaning once every year. This provides a sure-fire way to prolong the carpet’s working life. This type of cleaning can be handled using a floor wand that sprays a pressurized mix of hot water and solution. The carpet is then vacuumed.

clean carpet smileAdvances in technology have improved the way deep cleaning works. The improvements have made the method more popular, safe and effective. The approach is sometimes referred to as steam cleaning even though no actual steam is involved. Professional carpet cleaners can use a portable or truck-mounted system to clean the carpet thoroughly.

The portable version uses the customer’s electricity and water. Conversely, the truck-mounted deep cleaning equipment relies on its power to handle the job. These units are capable of delivering more pressure and higher temperature. Hence, they are more effective at eliminating contaminants and leaving the carpet dry. For this reason, it is best to opt for truck-mounted carpet cleaning system.

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