7 Steps To Planning A Fall Wedding

Dreaming of a fall wedding? You are not alone. Fall, with its slight chill and colorful foliage, is a great season for a wedding. With a fall wedding, you can incorporate seasonal elements into different areas of the ceremony for a truly unique experience that you and your guests will cherish forever. Here are the steps for planning the ultimate fall wedding.

1. Make the big decisions first.

There are a couple of things you need to get out of the way before you sit down to plan your wedding. First, you need to decide on the kind of ceremony you want. Do you want a pastor to officiate, or would you opt for a rabbi or an imam? Do you want to do it indoors or outdoors? Can you decide between an unconventional wedding venue or your local church? How many guests do you want to invite? What’s the color and theme? It is best to agree on these major areas before you take the next step to lower the chances of disagreements and miscommunication once you’re knee-deep in wedding preparations.

2. Make a budget.

The budget is essential especially if you both decide to put a cap on how much you want to spend. A budget can also help you narrow down your options which can make for more efficient decision-making. A great tip when doing your budget is to ask your local wedding planner for a rough estimate for a wedding such as yours to get a reasonable benchmark. This is a great way to avoid overpaying for certain services and can help you allocate more resources to areas of the wedding that mean more to you as a couple.

3. Choose the reception venue.

wedding venue

Choosing the reception venue is one of the major areas of wedding preparation that should be done months ahead of the wedding date. Since you already know what kind of wedding you want to have and how many guests you want there, you can choose a venue that will suit these preferences and your budget. There are so many reception venues for fall, from outdoor gardens to barns, a local quaint hotel with a pretty courtyard or a small bed and breakfast for a small, intimate affair. Consult with your planner, ask recently married friends, look at venue directories in your area and check out bridal magazines and websites if you need more wedding venue inspiration.

4. Send out the save the dates.

Some couples hold a photo shoot for Save the Dates, so you may need to book a photographer and have these cards printed before you are able to check this off your list. Plan for your Save the Dates ahead of time so you can get this out of the way and get back to wedding prep in no time.

5. Book your suppliers.

Start looking for vendors right after your engagement because you will need to narrow them down until you meet the vendor that is appropriate for you. Vendors include your photographer, caterer, make-up artist for the big day, florists, and of course, your wedding coordinator. To make things easier, choose your coordinator first. He or she can do most of the legwork by connecting you with the vendors most likely to deliver the kind of products you want for the big day. Experts recommend doing this four to five months before the wedding date, because you still need to allocate a week or two to personal meetings with your potential vendors, attend cake tastings, meet with your make-up artist for a trial session, and the like.

6. Plan for a fall menu.

A fall wedding is a great chance to showcase seasonal favorites, from decadent pumpkin pies to hearty dishes of lamb and pork to whet guests’ appetites. Incorporate that romantic autumn feel by opting for apple-based desserts such as piping hot crispy apple pockets and hot cinnamon drinks. It is best to hire a wedding catering service early on in the preparation so you can work on the best dishes to incorporate in the menu. Giving yourself ample time to work on the menu plans with your wedding caterer is important especially if you have guests with allergies and other food considerations.

7. Prepare for fall weather.

Fall days tend to be warm early in the day and gradually cool off as the sun sets. Depending on where you are holding the wedding, showers can happen. It is better to have a contingency plan, such as an indoor hall or tents nearby. For outdoor venues, keep fires burning around the venue. Serve hot cocoa or spicy pumpkin lattes to keep guests warm all throughout the night. Assign a corner where guests can grab umbrellas and complimentary wraps or shawls when it gets chilly. You can even use soft fall shawls, wraps and scarves as stylish wedding tokens for guests.

There’s no better season to get married on than fall. Romantic and colorful, fall can give you the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable wedding, whether set indoors or outdoors. With timely planning and the help of seasoned industry professionals, nothing can stop you from having the fall wedding of your dreams.

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