3 Ways Submitting Your Link to Web Portals Will Improve Site Traffic

So, you’ve started your website with quality pages and ready to go live. You’re excited to invite everyone to see your page, only to find yourself waiting for hours with just three notes of traffic. Instead of watching your site traffic rise, you feel lucky if you even get a single hit.

Fortunately, there are some ways you can build your site network and drive in more traffic than you can image. With a mission to gain site authority, you must get your links posts on others. That is where web portals and directories come in. you can contact these sites and offer link trades and pay for advertisement. However, you must also be willing to put in the time to trade links and write descriptions.

For those who don’t know, a web directory or portal is a site that contains a large compilation of sites that is organized according to the topic niche. Most directories offer various levels of categories that stem from general topics to specified areas of content. It is up to the editor to approve of your site and ensure that it provides a high degree of credibility worth mentioning. If you plan on getting listed, be sure that your viewers will have enough information to find exactly what they are looking for the moment they click on your site.

Here are three ways submitting your link to web portals will improve site traffic.

Build SEO with Web Directories

Web sites must also provide an understanding of search engine rankings and Google. It is through the search engine that the site will count links from other sites to vote for your website. As a result, this will count the authority of your position and release in ranking results. To include your link in a web directory will also count as a vote and ultimately improve your SEO link, even without direct links.

Make Relevancy Key

While you might consider building your link network through trading with random web sites, you will end up sacrificing the quality of your network. Web surfers who are looking for specific information on various topics will use such resources that are related to the subject needed. That is why web directories and portals offer the best opportunity to build quality link networks.

Get Validated

While submitting your site to quality directories might seem like a lot of trouble, it is important to focus on getting your website validated as search engines only use validated information. All the top web directories will attract plenty of traffic through such results. This means you will also gain traffic through those web directories.


It is important to build your site link on quality web portals and directories as these submissions will either make our break your ranking and authority. Stick with quality directories that will benefit your site and increase traffic to your page.

Have your prepared your website for your submission? Got any answers you need help with? Comment below and let us know!

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