3 Strategies to Getting Your Business Link Posted on Web Portals and Directories

Want to get your business site linked in some of the best web directories? Not only will this improve business, it will also boost to boost traffic. However, there are many things to consider before you submit your site online. Understanding these strategies will help maximize your chances of being listed on quality directories versus quantity.
Here are three strategies to getting your business link posted on web portals and directories.

Provide Only Quality Content with Quantity

The main function of web portals and directories is to offer useful websites with quality content with unique information. This is important for sites, especially with affiliates as they will offer the same products with different looks. It is important to ensure that your site will provide a high volume of articles that are worth reading before you submit your site for approval.

Submit to the Appropriate Category

There’s nothing worse than submitted your site to the wrong category. You will want to ensure that your site is listed in more than a few categories but also the right ones that will get the most attention from viewers. While this is highly frowned upon, the main strategy is to submit your site to the most appropriate category with minor categories to follow. It is also important to note that not all portals and directories are the same as many will accept more than one category, while others will strictly approve of one.

Provide the Appropriate Submission Details

When submitting your website link, it is a great idea to prepare the selection of text snippets you want to provide. Be sure to keep all descriptions written with the best details and quality. That means you must ensure that the description explains exactly what you’re trying to portray.

What’s your strategy? Comment below and let us know what does and doesn’t work for you!

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